Custom designed cabinetry

Our aim is to provide our customers with an optimum level of professionalism and superior workmanship. Design of the highest standard is our commitment and comes about from years of experience and countless hours spent on each individual project. No two designs are the same due to us as all having different needs and requirements.

Director Suzie makes the whole process a pleasure and seamlessly brings together into the design her years of experience with your own vision and desires. As this is your kitchen, pantry, laundry etc Suzie finds out how you operate in those areas and brings the all important elements of design aesthetics and practicality together for every room.   When practicality becomes all important then Suzie having raised 2 children to adulthood knows all about what works and what doesn’t work in each area of the home.

Our policy is to provide you with excellence. We work closely with you from day one of your project and as a result of consultation and a needs analysis provide you with a complete set of designs/working drawings to take into production. The cost of this design becomes part of your deposit.

Design work can be purchased individually for future projects at a cost to be negotiated.